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Contractor Effectiveness

MJL Consulting offers two services to improve your contractor effectiveness.

Current Practice Assessment

This is the first step in improving contractor effectiveness. This on-site assessment provides a benchmark for a facility manager. It determines several critical elements essential to efficient, effective contract administration. This includes:

bullettype of work ( T&M, Lump Sum, Unit, etc.);
bullethow work currently gets done including scope selection, bid pack development, pre-bid meeting and contract award;
bulletworkforce composition and its efficiency;
bulletquality of the work and its effect on lifecycle;
bulletcurrent specifications and compliance with those specifications; and
bulletcost to perform the work.

A specific plan is then developed utilizing the specific recommendations from the on-site assessment. This plan then provides the Facility Manager with the necessary information to make the contract maintenance program more cost effective. As mentioned before, the savings are often 15% to over 30%.

Follows-up assessments are available and recommended to insure the program changes are being implemented properly for the best long-term benefit of the facility.

Project Management Training

On-site project management training is available for site personnel. This training prepares the Project Manager to efficiently manage contractors for a painting or insulation maintenance project, maximizing long-term results and appearance while minimizing cost, disruption and disputes.

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Helping Business Execute