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Safety Leadership

Why does poor safety occur in good organizations, run by competent people? Safety is so fundamental to doing business today, it is simply expected that every one understands it and acts accordingly. And, when results don't meet expectations, companies typically react by mandating safety training for the workers, while requiring supervisors and managers to enforce the rules. So why doesn't sustained improvement follow?

The truth is; outstanding safety performance is not about compliance enforcement. It is about right attitudes, appropriate behavior, relevant knowledge and correct actions. It is about developing people and an organization that are compliance-oriented but, more importantly, committed to the belief that at the end of the day every worker should be safely home with their family.


MJL Consulting believes nobody should be injured or dies trying to make a living. A "good" safety program is not good enough. The key to making organizations and good safety programs great is tied directly to the leadership of the supervisors and line managers. However, in spite of this critical importance, the reality is few supervisors and managers have any clue as to the influence they have over the safety of those who work for them. Only a few have ever had formal training in managing safety performance of the people who report to them.

MJL Consulting has a solution to this missing component in effective safety management. We specialize in working with senior managers, like you, in assessing, understanding, and implementing organizational and individual improvement. We help organizations, like yours; achieve a "step change". We are pleased to offer four training workshops that are aimed at providing the skills, techniques and knowledge required to achieve and sustain safety excellence. This is not the same old approach teaching rules and procedures. It is a new approach based on proven ideas used by two of the biggest companies in the world with reputations for safety excellence.

These workshops are the creative product of Paul Balmert of Balmert Consulting, Inc. Paul has over 30 years in line management helping "business improve business"

Managing Safety Performance: Skills for the Line Manager?/b>

For mid-level managers, delivering safety performance is often the toughest business challenge they face. The Managing Safety workshop teaches practical management and leadership skills that can be immediately applied to improving safety performance at the department level.

Managing Safety Performance: Skills for Supervisors?/b>

For line supervisors, producing successful results takes more than just a safety manual and an occasional speech at a safety meeting. The Managing Safety workshop teaches practical skills and techniques supervisors can use to create the level of safety performance management expects.

Managing Safety Performance: Skills for Teams?/p>

Every member of a self-directed team has an implied obligation to keep other members of the team safe. The two-day Managing Safety Performance workshop teaches practical skills and techniques teams can use to create great safety performance.

Managing Safety Performance - Skills for Individuals?/p>

Managing Safety Performance Skills for Individuals teaches individual operations employees - operators, maintenance staff, and technical staff - practical, how-to skills that they can put to immediate use to manage their own safety performance, producing better results for those who are most likely to experience a workplace injury.

The safety performance of an organization directly touches the lives of its people and the bottom line. Good safety is good for people and companies alike. If you are serious about achieving sustainable improvement in the safety of your people and your organization, we have programs that can really make a difference.

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