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"Managing Safety Performance: Skills for Individuals"

What if.…every employee? every day?.

  • Recognized safety as always the first priority at work
  • Understood the causes of accidents that are under their control and influence
  • Regularly gave feedback about working safely to their peers
  • Effectively executed and followed all safety policies and procedures

Your operation would be well on its way to achieving its critical safety goals!

Managing safety performance and achieving great safety results fundamentally rests on execution by line managers, supervisors and the people responsible for performing the work.

Managing Safety Performance Skills for Individuals teaches individual operations employees - operators, maintenance staff, and technical staff - practical, how-to skills that they can put to immediate use to manage their own safety performance, producing better results for those who are most likely to experience a workplace injury. Skills such as:

  • how to observe peers performing work and determine whether the job is being performed safely;
  • how to give positive feedback to peers who are working safely and following the rules and procedures;
  • how to give corrective feedback to peers who are working hard, but at risk for a work related injury;
  • how to use the Injury Triangle to determine where to pay close attention when performing inspections and making safety observations; and
  • how to successfully change work methods and procedures to conform to new and revised safety policies and procedures.

The methods and techniques taught in this course came from the practical experience of manufacturing operations that have achieved superior safety performance. These have worked for these operations, and they can work for yours, too.

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Helping Business Execute