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"Managing Safety Performance: Skills for Managers"?br>  

This workshop is for any Department Manager with line responsibility within an organization where safety is a top priority. It is also intended for those with aspirations to move up to these positions in the near future

The Program

Managing Safety Performance is an intensive one-day workshop. Classroom lectures, individual and group exercises, and case studies are used to bring real world safety management problems into the classroom. The course is taught by an instructional staff of senior line managers, each with more than thirty years of experience in operations and safety management.

Purpose of the Workshop

Senior management demands top safety performance. For mid-level managers, delivering safety performance is often the toughest business challenge they face. The Managing Safety workshop teaches practical management and leadership skills that can be immediately applied to improving safety performance at the department level.

  • Recognizing and dealing with your current level of performance and "safety culture"
  • Creating clear goals and performance requirements for working safety
  • Understanding the causes of undesired events
  • Using the professional safety staff
  • Deploying resources under your control to help manage safety performance
  • Using audits to determine actual safety performance
  • Investigating incidents and developing effective solutions

Workshop Objectives

At the completion of the Managing Safety Performance program, participants will be able to:

  • Clearly communicate the organizations safety goals, objectives and values
  • Identify the leverage points for improving safety performance
  • Apply proven leadership techniques that cause a positive change in safety performance
  • Take effective action to deal with unsafe conditions and behaviors
  • Organize the department to effectively deal with safety issues and needs
  • Utilize measurement techniques to determine the level of safety performance
  • Apply effective critical review of incident investigations

Immediate action following this course reinforces the learning process. Accordingly, each participant will leave with a personalized action plan to address a pressing safety issue. The action plan is designed to incorporate the organization's safety goals and objectives.

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Helping Business Execute