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"Managing Safety Performance: Skills for Supervisor"?br>

This workshop is for any supervisor with line responsibility in an organization where safety is a top priority. It is also intended for any individual determined to prepare for supervisory responsibilities.

The Program

Managing Safety Performance is an intensive two-day workshop. Classroom lectures, individual and group exercises, and case studies are used to bring real world safety management problems into the classroom. The course is taught by an instructional staff of senior line managers, each with more than thirty years of experience in operations and safety management.

Purpose of the Workshop

Senior management in many organizations demand top safety performance. For line supervisors, producing successful results takes more than just a safety manual and an occasional speech at a safety meeting. The Managing Safety workshop teaches practical skills and techniques supervisors can use to create the level of safety performance management expects.

  • Creating clear expectations for the requirement to work safely
  • Evaluating the current level of safety performance in the organization
  • Resolving unsafe work behaviors and practices
  • Leading effective safety meetings
  • Recognizing and reinforcing safe work behaviors and practices
  • Investigating undesired events to understand their causes

Workshop Objectives

At the completion of the Managing Safety Performance program, participants will be able to:

  • Define the reasons why safety is a vital concern for supervisors, the people doing the work, and top management.
  • Identify the critical elements essential for outstanding safety performance under the control and influence of a supervisor
  • Identify and resolve unsafe work behaviors and conditions.
  • Recognize and reward safe work behaviors.
  • Utilize measurement systems and metrics to evaluate safety performance.
  • Lead effective safety meetings.
  • Conduct an effective incident investigation.

Immediate action following this course reinforces the learning process. Accordingly, each participant will leave with a personalized action plan to address a pressing safety issue. The action plan is designed to incorporate the organization's safety goals and objectives.

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